As good as you are,
you must evolve.

Corporate social consciousness – by all of its evolving labels – is really about how companies are living their claims of being responsible to all of their stakeholders. Every day, organizations are faced with new pressures to have sustainable practices and respectfully engage with many different people and communities.


With new social challenges emerging every day, having trusted social impact advisors gives you the power to successfully integrate your investments for equity, sustainability, and impact. Vega’s multi-sector experience and deep commitment to excellence delivers what you need as our world pivots.


You create value every day for people and communities. With Vega, you do it brilliantly.


Our core values ground us in our purpose to help our clients arc towards brilliance. Working with Vega means having advisors and a trusted team to help when social matters get complex again.


We do the right thing for the greater good, even when no one is looking.


We win when you win.


We conspire with you to achieve the best results.


We deliver excellent results for you because we immerse ourselves in your world.

About Us

Established 10 years ago a woman-owned company, Vega continues building on Chicago’s entrepreneurial spirit. Our consulting collective and staff reflect diverse experiences and sectors and bridge multiple disciplines for inventive and meaningful impact.

Suzanne Griffith

Founder & CEO

Growing up on multiple continents helped Suzanne develop an early understanding of the implications of race, identity, and the shifting scales of equity. Still a student of cultural anthropology, her career in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, grounds VEGA Partners’ mission of creating brilliant global impact rooted in racial and social equity. Today, Suzanne guides the growth of VEGA Partners in providing excellent service and creative solutions for socially conscious companies, civic, and philanthropic organizations.

Trusted, authentic people who consult with you

Our consultants and staff reflect a range of experiences equipping them to consistently deliver success for clients in corporate, public, and philanthropic sectors. Their excitement to work closely with you, exchange fresh ideas, and deliver practical solutions, ensures that you have an authentic, trustworthy consulting team.

Kathleen Cantillon Consultant

Corporate Communications, Public Policy, ESG

Lincoln Chandler, PhD Consultant

Quantitative Research, Evaluation, Organization Strategy

Jayda Etkins Analyst
Rebekah Gabany Consultant

Healthcare, Equity & Inclusion, Stakeholder Engagement

Michelle Herndon Consultant

Hospitality, Human Resources, Equity & Inclusion

Janae Miller Analyst

Accessibility, Equity & Inclusion, Stakeholder Engagement

Candace Moore Consultant

Equity & Inclusion Strategy, Public Sector, Higher Education

Robert Moore Consultant

Writer, Marketing Strategy, Higher Education

Christina Tarrant Consultant

Graphic Design, Front-End Website Design, E-Commerce

Amira Turner Assistant


Vega Impact Group is a certified woman and minority-owned business. Through alliances with brilliant firms like Rewire Consulting, Farrell Group, William Everett Group and Ponder Diversity Group, we deliver expansive solutions for purpose-driven organizations nationally and internationally.


Illume is our corporate citizenship program. Through pro bono consulting, grant making, and volunteerism, we help spark future success for non-profit organizations working in the areas of arts and out-of-school time education.


VEGA Partners seeks multi-disciplined, experienced professionals that can develop equity-forward social impact solutions. 


We currently have opportunities for consultant, affiliate consultants and staff. 

Current Openings

  • Consultant 
  • Affiliate Consultant 
  • Staff Roles