Executive Decisions: How Social Sector Boards Incorporate Equity

Good decision-making is more complex than ever. Organizations in every sector require new levels of agility and resilience to maintain the support of their stakeholders and continue succeeding. More and more strong leaders are defined by those who value diverse people, perspectives, and backgrounds. People of all ages want to work in environments where they believe leaders are actively considering them when making decisions. For a long time, we viewed the social sector as inherently inclusive and rarely questioned the intent and practices of philanthropic organizations. Today, social sector organizations, as much as corporations, must interrogate their ways of doing business and prepare to evolve.


As a social impact firm rooted in equity and inclusion, Vega Partners works with leadership teams and nonprofit Boards to embed an equitable lens in their decision-making. Our Equity Prism™ is a framework that decision-making bodies can use to weigh and evaluate how critical decisions are affecting each group of stakeholders. It helps leaders understand the impacts of their decisions and challenges them to stay accountable. We like the prism metaphor because it forces us to consider how each variable in a decision must be reconsidered when brought to light.


Using the Equity Prism™ at the Board and leadership levels leads to deeper understanding of inequities, often uncovers the groups of people and related policies that need re-engineering, and ultimately evolves more inclusive organizations.


Reach out to us to learn more about how the Equity Prism™ can power more equitable decision-making.