Make Your E”S”G Stronger

How does ESG fit into all the declarations made by us two years since the wake of George Floyd? It’s rooted in the  S - social. Young professionals want to work at companies that align with their interests and have a clear moral compass. Employees expect corporate activism to match their values. These values can be seen, felt, and demonstrated through ESG only if DEI is embedded.  


At VEGA, we continue to believe that equity is the throughline for high performing companies with an authentic sense of belonging. When equity and inclusion are embedded within ESG, teams reach higher levels of performance, creativity, and collaboration. If you have exhausted learning and development for your teams, you may be ready for a racial equity audit. This type of audit delivers an independent, objective, and holistic analysis of organizational policies to help often-overlooked exclusionary policies. A full audit encompasses all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.   


Achieving an equitable culture is ongoing work. There has been an increase in the number of individual organizations doing powerful racial equity work, but the work stalls when there is a change in leadership or no programmatic buy-in. This is fuel for us to always be mindful. 


Check out our Learning & Development Sessions – Embracing Belonging™ and Leading Equity™ to strengthen your team. Reach out to see how we can customize sessions for you.