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Client Spotlight: Wini Haun & Dancers

When Winifred Haun & Dancers needed to figure out their growth strategy to solve their need for sustainability, they signed on to Navigate Nonprofit, VEGA Partners’ virtual consulting platform.

There’s More to DEI Education Than You Think

If you’re committed to leading anti-racist organizations and deepening your understanding of oppression and racism, it can be tougher than you expect to find helpful resources. Taking steps towards inclusion, belonging, and equity in your organizations can feel overwhelming.

Make Your E”S”G Stronger

Make Your E”S”G Stronger How does ESG fit into all the declarations made by us two years since the wake of George Floyd? It’s rooted

Why VEGA works to advance equity

Why VEGA works to advance equity VEGA Partners is a social impact consulting firm focused on social responsibility, philanthropy, and capacity building. Our work is